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Friday, August 31, 2007


COLLEGE SAVING EARLY, originally uploaded by lepriveconcierge.
How can you deny something as cute as this?

Funny Cat Stick Up

1105, originally uploaded by iflyjet.

Cartoons Drawn on Crappy Legal Pads at Bars

Yes, that's a new word I coined: dissoluble + disillusioned = dissolusionment. I think I can retire now, thank you. What woman shall cast the first tampon? What woman cannot relate to this? Drawn at The Abbey, Miami Beach.

Spyk Enjoying A Drink

Spyk Enjoying A Drink, originally uploaded by mary_cabbie.
A silly picture...

Looks like Spyk enjoys the rasberry tea from Panda Express! Well at least he used a coaster...

Mr Muscles

Mr Muscles, originally uploaded by markslawes.
Well this picture was taken by my wife Tracey. She found it very funny, apparently she was unaware that my face could go such a deep shade of red (embarresment). I was determined to make her stick her head through one for lady's alas there was not one there. (Unless of course I was conveiniently steered away without my knowledge)...... yeah thats probably more like it LOL :-)


Hotties, originally uploaded by Pigeon.
Yes, I had to chase after them to get this picture. There were four of them.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Spacious, originally uploaded by Kayak49.
Great view; tough to heat.

I Kiss My Dog On The Mouth

I kiss my dog on the mouth, originally uploaded by erica2368.
simon is playing with "rotten teeth" purchased via a gumball machine in the grocery store.

second shot. clear but he lacks that strange facial expression in the first shot.

Hey Mom!! Look what I can DO!! Recycling!!

Boys will be boys no matter the species..thought this was funny.
I was laughing so hard it is not the best!

All in humor my friends...start off your week with a laugh! :)

Okay so my little girl and I was at the zoo. I was taking shots no big deal.
He was playing with his mother wanting her attention.
He was not getting it...thank goodness I had my camera on multiple shot
and when he did this I started shooting and never stopped. I took almost
60 shots..LOL But I had the zoom on and was laughing so hard most are
blurry! The crowd was laughing also and ewwweing!! He was the star
of the day :)


Scrudge, originally uploaded by Rod Monkey.
Stand easy ladies...some lucky gal has beaten you to to it, judging by the wedding ring. You're devastated, I know...

I believe this handsome devil is Scrudge, of Four Fat Folkers, Lancashire's legendary folk music combo, currently wowing the punters (if not the dentists) at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Big Scrudge

I Surrender!

i surrender!, originally uploaded by varf.

Tasteless? Hilarious? You decide.

I encountered this nearby the USC campus today on 30th street. Pretty good taste in beer for a squirrel.

Funny Sign

Funny Sign 2, originally uploaded by dave hensleigh.
Funny signs in Sweden

Roll Back Prices

100_2204, originally uploaded by rach35marie.
a funny walmart sign

What I find to be a funny sign

What I find to be a funny sign, originally uploaded by jtkauderer.
I thought the part of the sign directed at the dogs was rather funny. This is in Vancouver just after an amazing kayaking trip.

Funny Face

Funny Face, originally uploaded by beth524.
I went to the Devonshire Moors yesterday, and saw that there were some wild horses/ponies, I slowly moved up closely to the mum which is this horse/pony, and then she just lifted her head and gave me a really funny face.
Hope you all like it.

Let me know of any improvements I could make, thank you

Made Explore THANK YOU!!!! 30th May

Kung Fu Lessons

KungFuLessons, originally uploaded by DoubleEdgedSword.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Kiss

The Kiss, originally uploaded by creativity+.
This is not even one of my better photos - - - Please take the time to look at some of my other work: Here are some of my best in a SLIDESHOW Or, for a quick glance, try the thumbnails of some decent pics of mine.

Passion, romance, a roll in the hay, just having a tussle, or a family feud. Maybe even prairie dog mud-wrestling in dehydrated mud!! Sometimes it's tough for the untrained eye like mine to tell.